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UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman ‘not chasing GSP’ for GOAT status

“I hate the way that it’s being put that I’m chasing GSP. I’m not chasing GSP.”

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Kamaru Usman and Georges St-Pierre are two very different fighters with two very different legacies.

Usman has defended his welterweight title five times to St-Pierre’s nine but has arguably faced tougher competition along the way.

The former has surpassed GSP’s overall winning streak at welterweight but insists that he is not looking to overtake ‘Rush’ as welterweight GOAT.

“I hate the way that it’s being put that I’m chasing GSP,” Usman said at the UFC 268 weigh-in show prior to his unanimous decision victory over Colby Covington at Madison Square Garden, New York on Saturday (h/t Sportskeeda). “I’m not chasing GSP. GSP had maybe four fights before he got the title shot. I had to take the long back roads, back door, back alley in order to get that title shot. So I’m not chasing GSP. Look at his body of work, it was spectacular and I consider him one of the greats and look at my body of work. It’s right up there as well. I’m not placing that greatest of all time [tag] on myself. By the time I’m said and done with my career, I’m going to let you guys do that.”

For the record — UFC president Dana White absolutely thinks Usman is in the welterweight GOAT discussion and hailed ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ one of the greatest fighters to have ever stepped foot inside the octagon following his decision victory over Covington at UFC 268.

Usman is on a fifteen-fight winning streak in the UFC and is currently #1 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings.