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Jake Paul Dressed Up as Dana White for Halloween

That’s some trolling from the YouTube star turned celebrity boxer and UFC critic

Jake Paul dressing up as Dana White and the Dana White photo he modeled his costume on
Jake Paul trolled UFC boss Dana White by dressing up as him for Halloween

Halloween ‘tis the season to let it all hang out but not everyone is satisfied by showing up at the office party dressed as a Sexy Secretary.

YouTube star turned celebrity boxer Jake Paul used the holiday to take a shot at his favorite punching bag, UFC boss Dana White. Paul tweeted out a shot of himself recreating a well-known photo of Dana White.

The two have been clashing frequently since Paul became one of the biggest box-offices draws in combat sports. Most recently, Dana wished that PFL fighter Claressa Shields would bump into Paul and “she knocks him the f**k out.”

Paul responded by thanking Dana for “promoting his fights for free.” Paul has also more seriously critiqued the UFC’s ways of doing business and has repeatedly poked Dana about low fighter pay.

Paul has room to talk since former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley earned a career high payday stepping into the ring against Paul.