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‘Want to see me dance?’ - Watch a drunk Oscar De La Hoya announce date of next fight

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Oscar De La Hoya calls out Floyd Mayweather Jr again.

Oscar De La Hoya had an Instagram live session at 1 a.m. last Saturday to reveal a “big announcement,” but it took him a while as he kept getting distracted by his followers commenting.

“I have a big announcement, okay” De La Hoya said (HT: BadLeftHook). “Huge announcement. Huge! I know it’s 1 o’clock (am), whatever, whatever...”

He then got sidetracked and discussed various other topics, before admitting that he’s had a few beers.

“Well, just so you know, I’m a little loaded. I mean, what’s wrong with that? I’ve had a few drinks, what?! Let’s just be real here. It’s 1 o’clock, okay, a couple beers, so what? Do you guys want to see me dance?”

When he did remember his announcement, De La Hoya revealed the date of his next fight, along with another call out to Floyd Mayweather.

“Wait, hold on, I have the big news that I’m gonna unveil,” De La Hoya continued. “I have big, freakin’ crazy news, okay. So I am gonna fight again. COVID did freakin’ kick my ass. I was feeling the best in a long time, physically, mentally, so Cinco de Mayo, I’m gonna fight again. And the opponent, I’m gonna work on. But it’s gonna be a boxer and the top of the top elite. If anybody followed my career here, you always know that I fuckin’ fought the best. That’s all I have to say. And who’s the best? Floyd Mayweather.”

From congratulating Manny Pacquiao on his retirement, to people asking to put a baby in them, the IG live session was filled with random topics and questions.

“Be my baby daddy? Oh f—k. You know what, I would try and we would, but I’m like cut, so I can’t. What is that called, vasectomy? Yeah, anyway, you know why I can’t? Because I have a woman that is my life and I’m out of the stratosphere forever,” he said.

“If I’m tipsy, what’s wrong with that? F—k. I’m in my house, with my love. What am I doing? I’ve had a few f—king tequila shots. F—k, right? If I’m loaded, f—k. Yeah. I just want to be normal, that’s it.”

De La Hoya was also asked about possibly fighting Canelo Alvarez, which he simply replied “I’m not stupid.”

By the time Cinco de Mayo comes, De La Hoya will be 49-years-old, and 14 years since he last fought.