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Michael Bisping: Imagine what Kamaru Usman would do to Conor McGregor at welterweight

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Michael Bisping thinks Conor McGregor would get thrashed at welterweight.

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UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping thinks it would be a disaster for Conor McGregor to take on Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title.

Coming off back-to-back stoppage losses to Dustin Poirier at lightweight, ‘The Count’ thinks ‘The Notorious’ would get absolutely thrashed against Usman at welterweight.

And Bisping is no ‘McGregor hater’. The way he see’s it, he’s just being honest.

“Imagine what Kamaru Usman would do to him,” Bisping told True Geordie during a recent appearance on the Pain Game podcast (h/t SportsKeeda). “I’m not saying that as a McGregor hater. And I’m not a f**king hater. I respect the body of work that he’s done, just not the antics and the last few performances. But him against Usman, Jesus Christ! Come on. Him against (Jorge) Masvidal even, you know what I mean. Look what Masvidal did to (Nate) Diaz. And I know MMA math doesn’t stack up, but come on.”

McGregor is 2-1 at welterweight, with wins over Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz, but the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champ has never fought anyone ranked in the top five. He does, however, think that he has what it takes to become the UFC’s first-ever three-division champion.

Usman, though, thinks McGregor must have a death wish if he thinks he can hang with him at 170.

“He must want to die. I mean, what?! He must want to die. This is not ’45, ’55. You saw what Khabib did to him. Oh my god, it wouldn’t even be fair if I fought Conor. Much respect to Conor for what he’s done for this sport and transcended it. But nah, this ain’t what you want. Just sit down little man, sit down. Learn to walk before you could run because I would hurt that guy.”