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UFC pioneer Pat Miletich suggests Jon Jones use quantum timeline hypnosis to deal with issues

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UFC Hall-of-Famer Pat Miletich proposes a solution that he feels could help Jon Jones deal with his personal issues.

Last week, former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was once again trouble with the law. Just 12 hours after his UFC Hall-of-Fame recognition, “Bones” was arrested in Las Vegas and was subsequently charged with battery domestic violence.

The 34-year-old blamed his behavior on alcohol, which he now promises to leave in his past “forever.” But for UFC Hall-of-Famer Pat Miletich, there could be deeper issues.

In a recent interview with MMA News, Miletich went on to suggest a possible treatment for Jones.

“If I was his brother, I’d say, ‘Hey, man, let’s have a sit-down. Let’s talk,’ Miletich told James Lynch.

“Quantum timeline hypnosis, I found, is the most incredible thing for solving problems from the past when you were a kid and things that you don’t even remember that happened. I’ve got a good buddy who is a quantum timeline hypnotist. And I tell ya what, it works. It really does work.

“So if he can find somebody that’s really good at that and going through your entire life, where you can actually remember moments of your life that are causing problems, whether it’s fears of abandonment, fears of poverty, fears of this, fears of that, that stuff causes problems in adult life. It just does.

“And when you look around at society, you can see that everybody acts the way they do based on their childhood. And a lot of people have not made those adjustments. And look, Jon’s probably dealing with the same thing.”

Quantum healing has been dubbed by experts as pseudoscience.

Apart from the domestic violence charge, Jones is also facing a felony charge for headbutting a police car and causing damage to the vehicle. He was released on bond and is due for a court date on October 26.