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Dana White to Fedor: ‘You wouldn’t still be fighting at 45 years old’ if you signed with UFC

UFC president Dana White hits back at Fedor Emelianenko’s recent statements about him.

Two weeks ago, touted MMA GOAT Fedor Emelianenko made some headline-grabbing statements about UFC president Dana White. “The Last Emperor” essentially expressed disgust towards White and his supposed treatment of fighters.

“Money means everything to him,” Fedor said of White. “He has no respect towards fighters, no respect for any human being. Only money and that’s all.

“There is nothing humane about him and I found that quite revolting. Money, of course, is important for living and for the family. But trading human relations for money is unacceptable.”

During the UFC 267 post-fight presser, White fired back by bringing up their past dealings while insinuating that Fedor turned down a handsome deal.

“I saw last week or a couple of weeks ago where Fedor said ‘This guy’s all about money’ or whatever. First of all, I don’t even know Fedor. Fedor doesn’t know me. We met one time. His statement was I was all about money,” White told reporters.

“He should’ve been more about money when we made (him) that offer in wherever the f—k we were or whatever island that was we were on and you wouldn’t still be fighting at 45 years old.

“I offered him a deal that he still must lay in bed every night and bum out about.”

While White boasted about UFC offers, there have been many UFC stars and champs that still fought in the promotion through their 40s. The best example is Anderson Silva, who spent years at the very top of the sport at that same time frame, and had his last UFC bout at age 45. He is also still competing now, and like Fedor, Silva is still winning fights.

Last week, Emelianenko returned to action at Bellator 269 against UFC veteran Timothy Johnson. He won via first-round knockout to improve to a win-loss record of 40-6 (1 NC).