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Grappling Report: Gordon Ryan makes his return to competition

A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

bloody elbow grappling report

It’s been a little over six months since Gordon Ryan decided to announce his retirement from Jiu-Jitsu competition as a result of his ongoing stomach issues. Given that he’s right in the middle of his athletic prime and competing in a sport where athletes have multiple matches in a single day, even half a year is an incredibly long time. Fans will have to wait no longer however, as Ryan will be making his return at an upcoming WNO event.

The event takes place on October 20th, where Ryan will be competing against UFC Welterweight competitor Philip Rowe. It’s slated to be an exhibition match and although Rowe is certainly no slouch, it’s hard to imagine him putting Ryan through any difficulty. This likely amounts to him testing the waters and getting a good warm-up before he competes in 2022 and eventually faces Andre Galvao at the ADCC world championships.

Five elite grapplers come out on top at inaugural WNO Championships

The first ever WNO Championships took place this past weekend and delivered a weekend full of phenomenal grappling action across five different weightclasses. There was a number of upsets across the event, the first coming in the opening round of the women’s Heavyweight division when Amanda Leve managed to defeat Gabi Garcia by decision, taking her back and coming within inches of finishing the choke.

The opening round of the men’s Lightweight division also saw one of the favorites crash out in the opening round when Mikey Musumeci was caught with a north south choke by Gabriel Sousa. The biggest surprise of all came in the men’s Heavyweight division though, where Tim Spriggs submitted Kaynan Duarte in the final to become champion alongside Mayssa Bastos, Rafaela Guedes, and both Tye and Kade Ruotolo.

Full results for the event can be found here.

Third Coast Grappling 8 features unusual grand prix lineup

Third Coast Grappling 8 will mark the first time that the promotion has left Houston, Texas, withand it will feature an unusual lineup for their grand prix. With the presence of Oliver Taza and Renato Canuto in the tournament, it’s guaranteed to produce some fireworks given that they’re both known as exciting competitors. UFC Welterweight contender Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns will also be competing in a rare grappling appearance.

Alongside those three is SUG veteran Andy Varela, Unity representative Jeferson Guaresi, and Gracie Barra’s Bruno Matias. NCAA All-American Pat Downey represents a stiff challenge for everyone else given that his elite wrestling experience creates a unique grappling style, while the final spot is yet to be taken. Given the eclectic mix of competitors present, it’s incredibly hard to predict who will come out on top at 3CG 8: The Underdogs.

First Medusa female-only Jiu-Jitsu event delivers exciting results

It’s been a while since Eddie Bravo’s latest creation was announced, but Medusa is a female-only grappling event which featured two different tournaments. The event went off without a hitch in the end and Fatima Kline in particular put on a phenomenal display by submitting all three of her opponents in the EBI Strawweight tournament including the young and incredibly talented Trinity Pun in the final match.

The Combat Jiu-Jitsu tournament saw eight tough women competing and in the end it was Brianna Ste-Marie who came out on top owing partly to her excellent use of ground and pound. She submitted her first two opponents in regulation time before having a tough final match against Nikki Sullivan, who took her into EBI overtime for the first time that night before she locked up an armbar to win.

Full results for the event can be found here.

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Lapel tripod sweep

Beating the stiff arm from standing, to Single-leg takedown

Three Guillotine variations from the Front Headlock