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WTF? Lethwei fighter headbutts then yeets opponent out of the ring

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Spooky season gets some frightening knockouts, as it should be.

WTF? Lethwei fighter headbutts then yeets opponent out of the ring
WTF? Lethwei fighter headbutts then yeets opponent out of the ring
世界のラウェイ / YouTube

After an exhausting week packed with quality MMA action, we’re back to the fringes with more of the wild, weird, and sometimes impractical.

And we begin with Fight Commentary Breakdowns, with a Bajiquan fighter sparring with a kickboxer. This is a fun one to watch, plenty of back and forth as they are going very easy on each other.

This doesn’t really sit squarely into the “traditional arts vs MMA“ conversation, as it’s not an actual competition. Just two guys flowing with each other and the Bajiquan guy bringing a nice jab and more than might be expected. The mid-range game is where it’s most interesting. It’s good to see.

Dambe’s been warmly received by some of our readers and online followers, which is great. Dambe Warriors has had little action lately, but we’re going to indulge in some of the offerings from their back catalogue.

This was another example of what makes Dambe so great. Tense action, lots of anticipation, explosive payoff. Just stick with it. This one delivers harder than most matches.

This next one is also amazing, it took one well-placed punch to turn the tide, and the follow up shot to a shocking end:

STRELKA is back, though. Not all of it is great, but this was a wild one. A sailor goes against a guy that appears to have legit boxing training. No fairy tale ending here, it goes as it should. You still have to see it for yourself.

And here’s from the vault. One guy doesn’t even have a mouthguard at the start, and there’s a giant inflatable Conor McGregor, because reasons. Scrawny guy takes on Muscles McBrolic and it ends with the shocking realization that this was a terribly irresponsible thing to do.

Sure, you never know how these fights play out until they happen, but come on.

Next, we’re off to Southeast Asia to bring some Lethwei into the mix. Check out this bout from back in January that ends in a manner that is pretty hard to watch. Lots of technique on display here.

Also, here’s a collection of monstrous headbutts in Lethwei matches. Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re used to combat sports where headbutts are verboten, but there’s something incredibly shocking about watching this kind of thing in a fight as a standard attack.

Especially when it’s a string of them one after the other. Seriously, check it out:

We’ll end this with my personal favorite for the week, FIAS’ Sambo throwback to a 2018 bout that was extraordinary.

As a bonus, we’ve also got highlights from this past September. Just marvelous technique on display.

There you have it folks. This Halloween, check your candy and don’t eat your kids’ stash. That’s just mean. And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.