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Video: ‘Heroic psychopath’ Conor McGregor stars on SNL

Saturday Night Live poked fun at the UFC’s most unpredictable character.

Conor McGregor Body Language Breakdown

This past weekend saw yet another example of how UFC champion Conor McGregor has become a mainstream celebrity. However, this example didn’t see ‘Notorious’ being celebrated for his sporting achievements. Instead it lambasted the Irishman for his off-the-rails behaviour and increasingly erratic persona.

We have Saturday Night Live to thank for this. In a skit called ‘Mellen’, cast member Alex Moffat played McGregor alongside Jason Sudeikis. In that skit McGregor, who is called a “heroic psychopath”, ends up trying to attack audience members.

You can see the whole thing below:

McGregor is becoming increasingly more known for his violent outbursts, which includes sickening online threats and lashing out at celebrities. This year he has uttered and tweeted death threats towards Dustin Poirier and his family and also expressed his desire to end someone’s life in a sanctioned MMA fight (something his close friend and teammate did in 2016).

His attempts at street-fighting have included trying to attack Machine Gun Kelly on the MTV VMA red carpet and the recent alleged sucker punch he threw at an Italian DJ after seeing his son get baptized at the Vatican.