Bowls, Beers and Brawls Episode 25 (Body Shots)

A brand new episode of Bowls, Beers and Brawls is up now! That's right, nobody's favorite show is back! Included in the milestone 25th episode:

* UFC Vegas 41 Recap and Reaction

* BKFC Wichita Reaction

* Fedor at Bellator 269

* KSW 64 (Big Boys)

* XMMA 3 Reaction

* B's Brew featuring a Fruited sour ale from Good Neighbour brewing

* Flower Power with my very own homegrown, possibly Agent Orange

Pack a bowl, or roll one up, and come join me for some combat sports ramblings

Bowls, Beers and Brawls Episode 25 (Body Shots)

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