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Kamaru Usman: ‘I get mad blame and a lot of hate’ for Tyron Woodley’s decline

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman says he’s been blamed by fans for Tyron Woodley’s career decline.

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Just three years ago, Tyron Woodley was on the path to UFC welterweight greatness. But that ride came to a rude halt when he was dominated by Kamaru Usman at UFC 235 in 2019.

Not only did he lose the belt on that March 2nd night, but “The Chosen One’s” career also went into a downward spiral from then on. He lost his next four fights in the UFC and was subsequently released. And in August, he also lost his professional boxing debut against Jake Paul.

Fans on social media apparently took notice of this and decided to lay the blame on Usman.

“It is sad to where every time this man competes, everyone blames me for the outcome. I get mad blame and a lot of hate on Twitter and Instagram about it. ‘Oh, this is your fault. You did this to him,’” he told Daniel Cormier recently in The DC Check-in.

“I like Tyron. I’ve always shown Tyron… Is there ever been a place where you saw me show disrespect Tyron? I’ve always shown Tyron the utmost respect. As a champion, as a black man, as a father, I’ve always shown him that ultimate respect. But for some reason, that doesn’t reciprocate from Tyron. It doesn’t reciprocate at all.”

“The Nigerian Nightmare” feels Woodley hasn’t done enough to dust himself off and move forward.

“I understand it’s hard, but as a man, you have to know. And as a champion, who has suffered defeat even in college, even in wrestling, you should know how to bounce back.

“You should know that ‘I have to overcome that, I have to let that go, make amends with that, fix the mistakes, and get back to the bag.’ And that’s just something I feel like he hasn’t done.”

Woodley has been campaigning for a rematch against Jake Paul, so much so that he agreed to honor their tattoo deal. “The Problem Child,” however, is now reportedly slated to take on Tommy Fury on December 18 in Miami.