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UFC Vegas 41 video highlights: Marvin Vettori pressures Paulo Costa in thrilling decision win

Check out the full fight video highlights of Marvin Vettori vs. Paulo Costa from the UFC Vegas 41 main event.

The top of the UFC Vegas 41 billing was between ranked 185-pounders who competed at 205-pounds. What started out weird actually turned out to be a pretty descent fight when the #5 rated, Marvin Vettori, pressured the #2 rated, Paulo Costa, to earn a unanimous decision.

Vettori pushed the pace early, throwing his punches in combinations while Costa was looking to load up on solo strikes. There was a big head kick in round-two from Costa, but somehow Vettori quickly recovered and got right back to work. Costa also lost a point that round for an eye poke. The third round saw more of Vettori pushing the pace, but Costa changed things up by hitting a takedown. He lost the position when he jumped a guillotine, and Vettori gladly took top position. The fourth round was a war, and then Costa came alive in the fifth frame in an effect to get a much needed finish.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of the second round of Marvin Vettori vs. Paulo Costa:

Paulo Costa vs. Marvin Vettori, Round 2

Body kick from Costa. Again. Straight right from Costa. Vettori to the body. Big right from Costa! Head kick! Vettori with a right but he’s still stunned. Vettori blocks a head kick. Costa misses with a wild uppercut. Jab from Vettori. Inside leg kicks from Costa. Vettori presses. Costa clubs him right back. Hard body shot from Costa. Costa misses with a spinning back kick. Left scores for Costa. Clinch and a takedown from Vettori. He’s on Costa’s back, but Costa gets back to his feet. Eye poke from Costa. Warning from the ref, but no point taken. The doctor is in. Oh the ref IS taking a point now! Wow. Costa is pissed. Vettori comes out with a big right hook. Low kick from Costa. Head kick from Costa. Vettori with an inside leg kick. Knees and elbows from Vettori against the fence. They both land huge shots! Costa rips the body. 9-9.

Marvin Vettori def. Paulo Costa by unanimous decision (48-46 x3): Light Heavyweight