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Conor McGregor says his only goal now is to ‘kill’ someone on PPV; deletes death threat to Ferguson

Conor McGregor went on another twitter tirade.

Conor McGregor berates Dustin Poirier after injuring his ankle at UFC 264 in Vegas. Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Conor McGregor was last seen in the UFC issuing death threats to Dustin Poirier and his family while being carried out on a stretcher. Since then, the injured former champ has mostly made headlines with either even more threats and tasteless remarks on social media, or allegedly getting into scuffles with DJs and musicians.

In his most recent string of deleted tweets, McGregor said his only goal now is to return and kill a man on pay-per-view. This latest twitter tirade seems to have been triggered by Tony Ferguson calling him out, then accusing him of using performance enhancing drugs.

As a response, McGregor initially brought up Ferguson’s wife, his mental health, and a 2019 incident.

“Omg, god bless you kid. Mental basket sad case,” McGregor wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. “I am going to share your scared wife’s video that was sent to us of you screaming crying as you smash your house up. What a sad bastard u are. No brains. Empty head. Losing streak. No management. Wife sending us videos in fear.”

McGregor then said he’d “end” Ferguson’s life, and said his only goal is to return to competition and “kill” someone inside the Octagon.

“Me and you are fighting one day mate and I gonna end your life in there full of it,” McGregor wrote in another since deleted tweet. “Sauce. Money. Power. I already won all the belts and the money in this game I just wanna kill one of yous rats in there now it’s the only thing left for me to do. And Watch me do it. Only on PPV.”

The Irishman seems to have also responded to the many people calling for McGregor to make changes in his life, following his recent behavior and legal issues.

McGregor, now 33, has lost by stoppage in three of his last four bouts, and has just one win in almost half a decade.