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Jessica-Rose Clark claims Dominick Cruz’s beef with Monster exec put fighters at risk

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Clark’s accusations against Cruz are vague and lead to more questions about Molenkamp and Monster

Jessica-Rose Clark accuses Dominick Cruz of nearly costing her and others their jobs
Jessica-Rose Clark accuses Dominick Cruz of nearly costing her and others their jobs
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

The fallout from the Dominick Cruz vs. Monster and Hans Molenkamp beef is still taking place, according to Jessica-Rose Clark.

In March, after his win over Casey Kenney at UFC 259, Cruz accused Molenkamp, who is an employee of UFC sponsor Monster Energy of making demands of fighters and potentially withholding sponsorship money.

At the time, UFC president Dana White dismissed the rift as a personal one between Cruz and Molenkamp and nothing that would have an effect on the UFC.

A few days ago, the former two-time UFC champion, said that he and Molenkamp, with the help of some boundaries Cruz put in place, are on better terms. One person that does not seem to be on the best of terms with Cruz is Clark, who fights on Saturday’s UFC Vegas 41 fight card.

“He put all of us on the chopping block,” Clark told Drake Riggs of MyMMANews. “I nearly lost my job, we all almost lost our jobs because of him. Because he was f*cking selfish. I’m glad that they’ve worked stuff out because I don’t care about Dominick Cruz at all. But I’m glad for Hans’ sake that they’ve worked it out because it put so much stress on him because him and Dom have been friends for years. That was heartbreaking to have someone that you thought was a friend call you out publicly like that when you hadn’t done anything to them. That was f*cked up, that was a dick move.

“I’m glad that it’s kind of washed away now because I don’t know that many people understand how much damage Dominick did, not just to Hans but to all of us, every single person on the Monster team. He jeopardized all of our jobs and I’ll forever be angry at him about that.”

Clark, who said she has long been friends with Molenkamp, did not explain how Cruz nearly cost anyone their jobs. In fact, Clark’s vague accusations against Cruz just leads to more questions about Monster, Molenkamp and the sponsor’s relationship with fighters.