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Italian DJ presses charges on Conor McGregor: The world needs to know he’s dangerous

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Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti has decided to press charges on Conor McGregor for alleged assault.

Conor McGregor during his UFC 264 headliner with Dustin Poirier.
Conor McGregor during his UFC 264 headliner with Dustin Poirier.
Photo By Thomas King/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti has officially pressed charges on UFC superstar Conor McGregor. This stems from the recent incident involving the two parties where McGregor allegedly punched Facchinetti while they were hanging out at a hotel in Rome on Saturday.

Facchinetti, who claimed to have suffered a broken nose and a busted lip from the incident, formally filed the charges on Tuesday, according to CNN. The report states that Faccinetti came to the decision “because the world needs to know the fact that he is dangerous.”

“He is dangerous, he needs to be stopped,” Facchinetti told the news outlet.

The report also states that McGregor “lashed out” when Facchinetti and his group said they wanted to leave. It was then when “The Notorious” supposedly struck Facchinetti on the mouth and nose.

The report cites that officials from the St. Regis Rome hotel are cooperating with the police and have sent them CCTV footage pertaining to the incident.

This isn’t the first time McGregor’s been involved in a case where he allegedly caused physical harm to a non-fighter. In 2019, he was seen on video punching an old man at a Dublin pub for supposedly declining a glass of his Proper Twelve whiskey. McGregor later pled guilty to assault and was fined a little over $1,000.

McGregor was also recently involved in a scuffle with musician Machine Gun Kelly last September.