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UFC file trademark application for ‘F—k it Friday’

The UFC might be branching out into food blogging.

Dana White during a NASCAR event in September.
UFC President Dana White at a NASCAR event.
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

So apparently ‘Fuck it Friday’ is a thing where UFC President Dana White shares a video of himself making, and then consuming, some sort of culinary disaster. Cool.

And it appears as though White wants to turn this into some sort of revenue stream. Josh Gerben reports that ZUFFA LLC has filed two trademark applications for the term ‘FUCK IT FRIDAY’.

On ZUFFA’s applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office the company specified that the term would be used on a branded app, website and podcast. These products would include content that focuses on food and pop culture.

Filing a trademark application doesn’t necessarily mean that this idea will become a fully realised product. Remember, ZUFFA once trademarked the term ‘Chicken Monster’ for who knows what. They also filed for a trademark for the term ‘UFSEA’, seemingly out of spite over a John Oliver bit.

Prior to this filing, the most recent application ZUFFA filed with the USPTO concerned the term ‘FIGHTRHYTHM’. That application stated that the term was connected to some sort of fight statistics site that the UFC might be working on.