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WTF? Watch what happens when three Wing Chun fighters try to fight kickboxers

Them Ip Man movies are still great, though.

WTF - Wing Chun outgunned, more outdoor MMA and Senegalese highlights
WTF - Wing Chun outgunned, more outdoor MMA and Senegalese highlights
Fight Commentary Breakdowns / YouTube

As usual, we start with Jerry again! Fight Commentary Breakdowns returns to the bread-and-butter format of traditional martial artists taking on different challenges, and this week we’ve got three separate Wing Chun practitioners going up against kickboxers and Sanda specialists.

It does not go well for Team Wing Chun:

The first guy gets his positioning just right, and as he’s getting settled has an inability to deal with being blitzed by an opponent capable of closing distances rapidly. The way his head gets pushed back is disturbing.

In fact, I’m willing to wager he may not have much experience getting hit in a full-sparring scenario. He’s a bit frazzled, regains composure, but has very little success overall.

The second guy has an even more one-sided shellacking, and it’s almost to the point of bullying. I’ll let you see that for yourselves.

The last guy doesn’t even look like he knew what he showed up for. It’s messier than expected.

Next up, it’s DEFEND Fight League, with their usual open-air MMA showdowns. They’ve got a wrestler and a Judoka squaring off, and they’re doing more than just grapples.

It’s an alright fight! Nothing too crazy, just measured and controlled standup and smart but efficient work on the ground. These guys are doing what they love, it’s cool to see. Don’t expect too much of a styles clash based on the title, this is straight MMA, through and through.

Nature. It calls to us. It sings to our souls and brings out our better nature. Unless you’re in the mountains for SlapFIGHT. And they’re back with their outdoor experiment featuring people with no regard whatsoever for defense:

Wasn’t the most devastating pair of slappers I’ve seen, but it was touching that they settled their differences in the end.

Back to STRELKA, where they set up a real delight of a trainwreck. Here we have a super-dedicated McGregor fan with the same tattoo running down his back. He takes on an honest-to-god trained MMA fighter.

Well, friends... he goes out like his hero:

This next one is titled Phantom vs Shock Master, and you’ll be disappointed in a few things. First, it’s not that Phantom. Second, it’s not that Shockmaster.

And it’s legit fun. Swinging for the fences, all action.

And we’ll finish the week with some smooth Senegalese wrestling highlights:

Bundle up, it’s getting cold out there. And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.