Mikuru Asakura vs. Kyohei Hagiwara at RIZIN Landmark 1

RIZIN Landmark 1 consisted of just four fights and took place on October 2nd in Tokyo, Japan. The following is a diary of the main event, but there's much more detail (and pictures) about the event and RIZIN on Fight Pizza.


Mikuru Asakura vs. Kyohei Hagiwara

Here ‘tis. The one we’ve been waiting for. Probably the biggest star currently in RIZIN against the brash, wild, pot-smokin’ youngun’. If you paid nigh 35 bucks for this card, this is what you were paying for. I’m on the record thinking Hagiwara is gonna get his ass kicked and I’m sticking with that as a strong possibility. Mikuru walks out looking loose and like he’s ready to have fun fucking this dude up. Brother Kai in the corner of course. Kyohei does not look intimidated however, which is sort of his beauty: his irrational confidence.

Mikuru opens the fight cautiously and they're trading kicks then he weirdly goes for a takedown which he gets. Kyohei reverses and has Mikuru in some danger from stomps then a guillotine. Mikuru with another takedown and continues to control on the ground but doesn’t do much to see out the round.

Round two begins much the same as round one and carries on in the same fashion until Mikuru takes Kyohei’s back and is just wearing on him rather than going for subs. I did not expect these tactics from Mikuru at all, but here we are getting ready for round three and Mikuru is easily winning the point battle.

Mikuru seems a bit more open with his strikes to start the third but then goes for the takedown. Midway through the round he lands some nasty grounded knees and hammerfists but can’t finish. He sees out the fight for an easy unanimous victory. We’re talking 30-26 if it was on points. Not what I expected at all, but clearly a smart and effective game plan. The main event goes the full fifteen which is like twice as long as the previous three fights. It was a real big-brothering from Mikuru. Impressive if not spectacular.


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