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Mike Tyson pitches Logan Paul on $100 million fight

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Mike Tyson wants some of the Paul Brother action.

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Who doesn’t want to fight Logan Paul? The influencer has had a slew of challenges since taking Floyd Mayweather Jr. to a no decision in an exhibition bout this summer. Among those angling for a fight with him are former UFC champions Tito Ortiz, Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva.

Recently boxing great Mike Tyson also tossed his name into the ring as a potential opponent for Paul. On his Hot Boxin’ podcast he told rapper Freddie Gibbs “Hell yeah,” he’d fight Paul. “That would be a lot of money.”

Tyson added that he thought a fight between he and Paul would rake in upwards of $100 million. And he doesn’t think Paul, or his younger brother Jake, would turn that down. “For $100 million bucks, they’d do anything. They don’t care about getting beat up.”

Tyson has been consistent in saying he wants to continue on with legend fights (exhibitions), after experiencing a box office hit with Triller when he faced Roy Jones Jr. over eight rounds earlier this year.

Paul has also stated that he wants more fights. It had been rumoured that Paul would be fighting Silva sometime soon. However, both sides seem to have pumped the brakes on that one. Paul has also been spotted lately with a cast on his arm.

Jake Paul has also been looking for a new opponent. After beating Tyron Woodley in August to go to 4-0, ‘The Problem Child’ has been assessing his field of challengers.

Woodley has been campaigning hard for a rematch, but Paul appears to be over that match-up. It did seem that Tommy Fury, younger brother of Tyson Fury and part-time reality star, was in pole position for the fight. However, recently Paul said that Fury was on the verge of missing out on fighting him.

Regardless who the Paul brothers fight next, it seems clear that their involvement in combat sports isn’t ending anytime soon.