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Henry Cejudo declares Tyron Woodley the second cringiest fighter in the world

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“He’s just so cringey. The dude has an ‘I love you, Jake Paul’ [tattoo] on his middle finger, and his movie sucks”.

UFC 249 Cejudo v Cruz
Henry Cejudo speaks to the press following his TKO victory over Dominick Cruz in their bantamweight title bout at UFC 249.
Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

To be the cringiest fighter in the world, one must fully embrace one’s own cringe, like Henry Cejudo, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Cringe’ himself.

But when a fighter isn’t even aware of his own inherent cringiness, like former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley, the cringe factor is magnified tenfold.

That’s why ‘Triple C’ has declared ‘T-Wood’ the second cringiest fighter in the world behind himself.

“I’m gonna have to give it to Tyron Woodley because it’s so unnatural,” former UFC two-division champ Cejudo told MMA Mania in a recent interview. “He so doesn’t see it. Colby Covington, he’s playing a character, it’s a persona. But Tyron Woodley, he just doesn’t see it, man. It’s gone wild, it’s a circus, man.

“He just doesn’t see how cringe that he is that he wins the title [of second-most cringe]. I think that even Tony [Ferguson] knows he’s a little off his rocker (laughs). I don’t know if Tyron is, you know.”

Woodley getting an ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo despite being denied a rematch only adds to the cringe, says ‘The Messenger’.

“He’s just so cringey. The dude has an ‘I love you, Jake Paul’ [tattoo] on his middle finger, and his movie sucks. But I’ll tell you what, he can promote a fight. He’s got a mouthpiece on ’em, but his actions don’t speak louder than his words. He lost to a YouTuber.”

Woodley lost to Paul via split decision in an eight-round boxing match at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio in August.

Cejudo, on the other hand, is thinking about coming out of retirement and challenging Alexander Volkanovski for the UFC featherweight title. The Olympian recently re-entered USADA’s drug-testing pool and will likely make a comeback by next year.