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UFC Vegas 40 video highlights: Norma Dumont earns unanimous decision over Aspen Ladd

Check out the full video highlights of Aspen Ladd vs. Norma Dumont from the UFC Vegas 40 main event.

Norma Dumont during her fight with Aspen Ladd at UFC Vegas 40.
Norma Dumont during her fight with Aspen Ladd at UFC Vegas 40.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Norma Dumont proved why she is one to watch out for at women’s featherweight with a solid win over Aspen Ladd at UFC Vegas 40 on Saturday night.

The fight began, and Ladd was extremely patient. Dumont met her in the center of the Octagon and peppered her with jab after jab. The Brazilian added in some right hands for good measure and kept finding her target with the jab. Ladd attempted to counter from time to time but nothing significant was being offered as she hardly engaged with her opponent. Just as the first round was ending, Ladd hit Dumont with a stiff left hand that got a reaction in the form of a smile before the horn sounded.

The second round saw Dumont continue to pop Ladd with the jab, but she was now forced to defend against some takedowns. Ladd clinched with Dumont and tried to get something going up against the cage, but she was unable to do much of anything from that position. Dumont slipped out and returned to the center, where she jabbed and moved her way around the Octagon until the bell. The third round was essentially the same, with Dumont avoiding and defending against takedowns and Ladd getting tagged with more jabs.

Ladd was given a harsh dose of reality before the fourth round as her cornermen implored her to do more than just throw one punch at a time against Dumont. She was told to move forward, and she did. She pressed Dumont up against the cage and tried to secure a takedown, but again, Dumont remained calm and freed herself from the grasp of Ladd. Near the end of the round, Dumont took the fight to the ground and got into guard but Ladd sweeps and is on top! Ladd would posture up and start raining punches and elbows down on Dumont, who defends well enough to put space between them to finish.

The fifth round was largely contested up against the cage as Ladd tried her best to do something big, but it was not enough. Dumont was awarded the unanimous decision and earned her third consecutive win.

Here are some video highlights of Ladd vs. Dumont: