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Bellator 267 video highlights: Michael Page earns split decision over Douglas Lima in rematch

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Check out the full video highlights of Douglas Lima vs. Michael Page from the Bellator 267 main event.

Michael Page celebrates his split decision win over Douglas Lima at Bellator 267.
Michael Page celebrates his split decision win over Douglas Lima at Bellator 267.
Callum Knowles

Michael Page avenged his sole professional loss to Douglas Lima at Bellator 267 on Friday night.

Page and Lima fought a somewhat timid fight. Both men met in the center of the cage, but ‘Venom’ was quick to strike first with a right hand that forced ‘The Phenom’ backwards into the canvas. Lima quickly got up and threw a leg kick that did not hit its target. Page threw another right hand that appeared to stun Lima, who got up again as fast as possible. Lima then took advantage of a missed right hand by Page, secured a takedown and finished the first round in a dominant position.

The second round saw Lima nearly recreate the same finish from their first meeting after a leg kick forced Page down and he followed up with an uppercut that was just inches away from his chin. Page returned to his feet and continued to tag his opponent with right hands. The third round started off a bit slower with Page feinting a lot more and waiting for Lima to move in. He did exactly that, and secured another takedown. Lima punched and elbowed his way to the end of the fight, which was very close. In the end, Page was declared the winner by way of split decision and expressed interest in fighting for the championship next.

Check out Mookie Alexander’s play-by-play of the second round of Douglas Lima vs. Michael Page:

Counter left hook from Lima just misses. Jab gets through for Page. Left hook by Lima misses badly. Not a lot of actual offense happening in this fight. Crowd oohs and aahs a missed combo by Page. Leg kick by Lima catches MVP and almost a deja vu moment because that uppercut could’ve KO’d him exactly like the last time. Flying knee by Page doesn’t amount to anything even with the right hand on the descent. Body kick by Lima. Inside low kick from the former champ. More leg kicks and now a body kick from Lima. Getting into more of an offensive rhythm. Page ducks out of a left hook. Page appears to tag and drop Lima but their bodies collided so don’t know if that’s a clean knockdown. Lima back up quickly again. Spinning kick from Lima. Whiff. 20-18 Lima.