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Replacement found for Riddick Bowe, Lamar Odom to box Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband instead

Sure, let’s go with it. It’s kind of an act of mercy, you know?

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Celebrity Boxing Press Conference: Lamar Odom v Ojani Noa
Yep. Still tall.
Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Looks like Lamar Odom’s getting his wish of getting to throw hands again.

After some very concerning footage surfaced of former boxing champ Riddick Bowe ahead of his planned bout with Odom, public pressure mounted for Bowe to be pulled from the fight. Better judgment prevailed, and Bowe was removed from the event. But that also left the former NBA star without a dance partner.

But here comes a new challenger, in the form of Ojani Noa. The 47-year old singer-songwriter, actor, and man of other adventures will be meeting the 41-year old Odom this Saturday at Celebrity Boxing.

This is a thing. A thing that is happening.

As for his boxing experience, there’s not much out there, although he was scheduled to fight Real Housewives castmember Joe Giudice in 2020. The bout did not materialize because of the pandemic (of course), although Giudice’s deportation to Italy may have made that difficult as well.

Noa is mostly known for his marriage to internationally known actress, singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez from 1997 to 1998, and has lived a relatively private life since then. Odom has had his fair share of public incidents and low moments in his past, but has worked on rebuilding his life. He had the performance of a lifetime in his previous boxing match against Aaron Carter in one of the most cartoonishly hilarious yet depressing exhibitions in recorded human history.

Also on the card? Former boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi against someone going by the name Corey B. I refuse to learn who that is. Also scheduled are a cast member of Mob Wives and an online meme grasping at relevancy and chasing a paycheck known only as “Wideneck“.

This event will be available on Saturday night on starting at 8:00pm EST.