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Listen: Police audio from Jon Jones’ domestic violence arrest

[CW: The following article includes descriptions of domestic violence]

Jon Jones was arrested for domestic violence just hours after he was honored at the UFC Hall-of-Fame. Disturbing details about the incident have come to light earlier, and now the police audio from moments before the UFC superstar’s arrest has also been released.

MMA Fighting has obtained the audio from a call that occurred in the early hours of September 24 between a Caesars Palace security officer and the police. As he describes, Jones’ longtime fiancee, Jessie Moses was bleeding. She was said to be trying to get assistance, but was also unwilling to get her belongings and go back up to the hotel room where Jones was in.

“We’ve got a possible DV call, domestic violence call,” the security officer told police. “The female is bleeding from nose and mouth. We believe it happened in the room.

“She’s not admitting to any domestic violence, physical violence, but I mean, she is bleeding from the nose and mouth. She’s down with us, while the male is up in the room, and he’s actually a professional MMA fighter, Jonathan Jones,” he said. “She’s refusing to go back to the room. We’re trying to assist her to help her grab her stuff, and she just will not go back.

“It’s a little weird, because she’s trying to get assistance, but she’s refusing to go back up to the room,” he said. “She’s on the casino floor, and she has — I believe they’re her three daughters. She has three young girls with her.

“She’s got a gray sweater, gray sweats. No shoes.”

According to the police report, Jones’ fiancee was afraid to return to the room and refused to share much details, but one of their three daughters asked the security officer “Can you call the cops?”

As the officers arrive and Jones was arrested, the police stated that the fighter joked about escaping handcuffs, and also allegedly said “he would like to take us all on and see what we could do.”

Moses reportedly declined to have her injuries photographed or file a police protective order against her fiancé of 17 years. The report also noted how after the arrest, she asked “how long do I have until he is out?” and “still seemed very scared as to the release of Jonathan from jail.”

Jones posted bond soon after, and went on social media to say that he has “way too much trauma to consume alcohol,” and vowed to “leave alcohol in my past forever.” He also said that he will make this “the best thing to ever happen in my life.”

Jones has been arrested numerous times before. That list includes a 2012 DUI charge, a 2015 hit-and-run on a pregnant woman, a 2019 battery charge in a strip club, and a 2020 arrest for DWI and negligent use of a firearm. UFC President Dana White also claims that Jones has “a lot of demons” and constantly had various incidents in Las Vegas that just never made it to the press.