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Randy Couture’s girlfriend, Mindy Robinson, confronts Senator Lindsey Graham, calls him a ‘traitor’

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The MAGA world was not happy with Lindsey Graham after the Senator publicly denounced participants in the act of domestic terrorism that saw Trump supporters storm the Capitol in an attempt to stop certification of the recent presidential election.

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There seems to be a lot of confusion going on in right wing political circles right now, as to just what the storming of the halls of Congress represented and who, in fact, took part in the actions that left five people dead. While right wing extremist groups seem to be celebrating the apparent act of domestic terrorism as a moment when citizens made themselves heard. Other conservative voices are looking to pin the blame for lives lost and damage done on subversive leftist actors merely pretending to be right wing extremists.

President Donald Trump egged on his followers earlier Wednesday, January 6th, in a DC rally where he told supporters to “walk down to the Capitol” to cheer and goad Senators into overturning the election, “because you’ll never take back our country with weakness.” However, that tone changed a day later, when he delivered a condemnation of their actions.

“I’d like to begin by addressing the heinous attack on the nation’s Capitol,” Trump said in a speech on Thursday, as he conceded the 2020 election to incoming President Joe Biden. “Like all Americans I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness, and mayhem.”

Longtime Senator Lindsey Graham has at times both appeared to support and repudiate Trump’s claims of election fraud that the President has used to rile supporters. However, on Thursday he made a statement that seemed to pin much of the blame for the attack on the Capitol on Trump’s actions.

“As to yesterday: it breaks my heart that my friend, a president of consequence would allow yesterday to happen and it will be a major part of his presidency,” Graham told reporters. “It was a self-inflicted wound. It was going too far.”

Those comments, along with others Graham has made denouncing further attempts to overturn the 2020 election, appear to have made the longtime South Carolina Senator a target among the Trump faithful—who supported Wednesday’s actions and seem to still passionately believe that the election was rigged. That includes none other than the partner of former multiple-time UFC champion and Hall of Famer, Randy Couture.

Couture’s longtime girlfriend, Mindy Robinson, posted a video to her Twitter feed of herself and several other Trump supporters confronting Graham in the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in DC after Wednesday’s violence—where she can be heard calling Graham a “traitor” among other things.

“Mr. Graham you are a traitor to the country,” Robinson can be heard shouting. “You know it was rigged, you know it was rigged. You know it was rigged you garbage human being. It’s gonna be like this forever, wherever you go, for the rest of your life.”

“Audit the vote! Audit the vote! Audit the vote!” Robinson starts screaming, before calling Graham a “piece of shit.”

“You better enjoy Gitmo, fucking asshole piece of shit!” Robinson can be heard telling Graham, just before the video ends.

A reality TV show personality, and longtime B-movie actress, Robinson ran for elected office as a Republican in the 2020 election, finishing third in her party’s primary for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district. She and Couture were recently in the news back in September of last year, when both were injured in an ATV accident on Couture’s ranch in Flagstaff, AZ. While Robinson only suffered minor injuries, Couture was hospitalized and required surgery for damage to his ribs and shoulder.

In late December, Robinson revealed that she plans to run for Congress again in the future, but no longer as part of the GOP party. Instead she’ll be running as “an independent constitutionalist under the Patriot Party of Nevada.”