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Video: Fighter wins decision, then starts brawl at KSW 58

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Shamil Musaev started a brawl at KSW 58, apparently following a brief exchange between his opponent Uros Jurisic, and one of Musaev’s cornermen.

Note: This article previously stated that Jurisic had protested the scorecards for his bout with Musaev in the lead up to Musaev to slamming him to the mat. The article has since been updated to reflect, instead, that Jurisic appeared to have a brief confrontation with Musaev’s coach that prompted the incident.

Undefeated welterweight prospects clashed at KSW 58, and it saw Shamil Musaev pick up a quality win over Uros Jurisic after three rounds of fighting. He improved to 14-0, but unfortunately, it was his unsportsmanlike actions after the fight that will be remembered.

Video from the end of the bout appears to show Jurisic in green, talking to a member of Musaev’s coaching staff (dressed in blue) before placing a hand in the coach’s face and pushing him away. Shortly after that incident, Musaev approached Jurisic and started his own confrontation with his recent opponent.

Musaev surprised him with a bodylock takedown, slammed him to the mat, and unloaded with punches. This attack starts a brawl and officials struggle to take control.

It’s not that common to see fighters react this way after a decision, but I guess these things happen in MMA.

Watch the clips below:

KSW has since released a statement, saying they’re reviewing the incident for possible sanctions.

“The KSW owners & officials will review the incident regarding Shamil Musaev and Uros Jurisic following their bout earlier tonight here at KSW 58. Upon a full review, a decision will be made on what actions to take.”

KSW 58’s main event saw Daniel Torres KO Salahdine Parnasse in under two minutes to win the featherweight title.