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MMA fighter Vitoldas Jagelo arrested on suspicion of attacking two women at a New Year’s Eve party

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Vitoldas Jagelo is accused of attacking wo women while brandishing a knife.

MMA fighter Vitoldas Jagelo arrested on suspicion of stabbing to women at New Year’s Eve party KOK (King if Kings)/YouTube

My MMA News reports that Lithuanian MMA pro Vitoldas Jagelo has been arrested on suspicion of attacking two women with a knife during a New Year’s Eve party. The women reportedly suffered multiple injuries including a broken nose, loss of teeth and cuts.

One of the victims has claimed that the attack was unprovoked and happened in front of their children. Jagelo was reportedly arrested and taken to a detention center, but it is unclear if any formal charges were made.

A woman claiming to be the wife of MMA fighter Henrik Vikstraitis posted images of the women’s injuries and stated that she knew Jagelo personally (per Kauno diena).

“He always seemed quiet, not talking much,” she wrote. “To break into the apartment, to beat women in front of children, knock out a tooth, break a nose? I ask only for the most severe punishment, to take away all the titles, to ban him from professional sports for life.”

Jagelo (6-1-2) is a veteran of the Lithuanian regional scene with fights in the King of Kings and Bushido FC promotions.

His last fight was at King of Kings 80 in November 2019. There he beat Shooto vet Kazuhiro Sugawara by TKO.