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Fight Circus: 3 vs 1 fight breakdown with commentary

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Strength in numbers only takes you so far now, because up is down and nothing makes sense.

Now that we’ve all caught our breath with the high drama from this past weekend’s UFC event, we’ve got some Fight Circus to sink our teeth into.

Back in November, we highlighted some of the insanity from the event. This time, we’ve got commentary by Jerry Liu and Fight Commentary Breakdowns breaking down the not-so-surprisingly chaotic battle between a heavyweight pro and three randos. The fight is contested under Muay Thai rules, and it all goes off the rails with the quickness.

Seem unfair? Sure, it can be viewed that way. But at least they let the fight start with only two opponents in the ring with the heavyweight. Not to mention that the heavyweight dude is at least a head and a half taller than his opponents.

The heavyweight, a Muay Thai giant that goes by the name Panda Banks, seemed unconcerned with eating much damage when things started out. He manages to take some lumps early, but then stuns the crowd and commentary crew when rando #3 tries to get in the ring and gets Sparta Kicked into the third row.

Commentary acknowledges that Panda’s actually enjoying getting struck by three people at the same time, but there’s also some Walker, Texas Ranger shenanigans where they attack one at a time instead of all at once for some reason. Round 2 comes around and Panda gets taken down, but it’s nullified as the ref orders the fight to return to the feet.

You’d think that the larger — and let’s admit it, flubbier — fighter would gas out before three guys that appear to be in better shape. You’d expect cardio to be a greater concern and that it would lead to an inevitable sad ending to this fight. But that doesn’t happen! The fight goes from weird chaos to weird and fun chaos as it progresses, and Banks doesn’t back down an inch.

The fight continues for an unhealthy amount of time, with the big guy gutting it out and actually getting in some remarkably sound offense. Then there’s a Rolling Thunder kick for some reason, and it’s the best. By best, I mean most absurd. But it pays off, and Panda Banks ends up winning the fight by decision.

Even though the event isn’t that recent, watching it through fresh eyes with a commentary team that is rightfully shocked at what they’re watching is a different vibe altogether. Go on and check out their video (including the hip ad for Jinky’s Cafe in Los Angeles) to get the full experience.