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Video: Dana White feared Calvin Kattar would die after UFC Fight Island 7 fight with Max Holloway

The UFC president feared the damage Calvin Kattar took against Max Holloway could have cost him his life.

The amount of damage Calvin Kattar took against Max Holloway at UFC Fight Island 7 had Dana White fearing the worst for the featherweight’s life.

Holloway defeated Kattar by a lopsided unanimous decision in the main event of the UFC’s first card on ABC. Absorbing 445 significant strikes from Holloway, the fight easily could have been stopped before it went the distance. Newly published footage from the UFC shows White, Din Thomas and Matt Serra watching the fight from cageside. Like most, the UFC president was on the edge of his seat watching but that excitement turned to worry come the third round.

“I don’t know how much more f—king damage I want to see Kattar take, man,” White said.

Holloway landed a head kick as the second round ended, and Kattar was visibility hurt on wobbly legs.

“Come on ref. He’s f—king wobbling,” White said reacting to the fourth round onslaught. “He’s out on his f—king feet. Come on. Ref, stop this fight.

A visibly distressed White then walks from his booth to talk with the executive vice president of the UFC, Hunter Campbell.

“He took so much f—king punishment in this fight, I’m freaking out a little bit, man. I don’t like it.

“This reminds me of the kind of fight where the fight’s over, and then he walks in the back and f—king dies. I think that f—king Herb Dean should’ve stopped it in the fourth round. He was wobbling all over the f—king place. He should have stopped the fight right there.”

Kattar has since received a 180-day suspension for a nose injury that will only be lifted if cleared by a doctor, and a 60-day minimum suspension with 45 days no contact. White praised “The Boston Finisher” as he left the cage.

“F—king amazing man. Thank you, unbelievable fight. You’re going straight to the hospital all right. We’ll take care of you.”