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Video: Dana White discusses Conor McGregor’s future after TKO loss to Dustin Poirier

UFC President Dana White thinks Conor McGregor’s career will go one of two ways after his loss at UFC 257.

UFC 257: Poirier v McGregor Press Conference Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

This weekend saw Conor McGregor suffer the first TKO loss (in the cage) of his career. That happened in the main event of UFC 257, when Dustin Poirier, who lost to McGregor back in 2014, finished the Irishman with a blistering combo.

‘Notorious’ seemed to take the loss in his stride. And he has already hinted that he’d like a third fight against ‘Diamond’. However, UFC President Dana White thinks there’s just a 50% chance we see McGregor back in the Octagon.

After UFC 257 White spoke to reporters during the post-fight press conference. There he shared how he thought McGregor might respond to being TKO’d for first time in his MMA career. White told reporters he thinks this goes one of two ways.

“There’s two ways this goes — hungrier or I’m done,” said White (ht MMA Fighting). “He’s got the money. I mean when you think about it, I’m a huge Rocky fan. This is like Rocky 3. When you get off of a 310-foot yacht, you know what I mean? You’re living that good of a life. It’s tough to be a savage when you’re living like he lives and has the money that he has.

“On his way up, he was a young hungry kid. He didn’t have any money and he wanted nice things. He wanted nice suits, nice cars, nice houses. He’s got everything he ever wanted. So I don’t know. It goes this way or that way.”

McGregor has not given any signal that he is considering retiring from MMA at this point (even though he has claimed to do so at least three times in the past). If reports out of his camp are to be believed next up is a boxing spectacle versus Manny Pacquiao.