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‘Con Artist McLoser’ - Floyd Mayweather rips Conor McGregor following loss at UFC 257

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Floyd Mayweather had a few things to say about his former rival after his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

Some big names in the combat sports world have chimed in on Conor McGregor following his second-round technical knockout loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, and now another one has given his reaction.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. took to social media to respond to a question from a user regarding the difference in the way both him and McGregor are treated by fans considering how similar their personas are. Mayweather, who famously knocked out McGregor during a blockbuster boxing match several years ago, said that it was in large part due to racism.

“I seen this post and my take on it is that the world knows Con Artist McLoser can steal everything from me and be loved but I’m hated,” Mayweather wrote. “That just lets you all know that racism still exist. Just know, that bum will never be me or be on my level. I’m just built different, my mindset is on another planet, my skills are second to none, I’m a natural born winner and yes I talk a lot of trash, but every time I back it up!

“This is what they hate. It’s sad that you can be a poor black kid from the ghetto that has dealt with racism your whole life and work extremely hard to put yourself and your family in a better position, and most of the hate come from my own people.”

Mayweather then gave his thoughts on the idea of a potential fight between McGregor fellow former opponent Manny Pacquiao some time this year, saying ‘nobody wants to see that’ happen.

This is not the first time Mayweather has addressed the criticism rooted in racism that he receives. In an interview last year with recording artist Fat Joe, Mayweather talked about how he did not receive any support when McGregor made several controversial remarks during their promotional tour that were widely condemned as racist. McGregor vehemently denied the accusations of being racist, but Mayweather still believes it played a significant role.

“Don’t judge me by the color of my skin and I won’t judge you for the color of yours,” he said. “When Conor McGregor said disrespectful stuff talking about “dance boy” they called us monkeys, nobody got behind Floyd Mayweather. This is so crazy.

“When its racism among blacks it’s called colorist. So its racism among people right now.”

Mayweather is set to return to the boxing ring for an exhibition match against YouTuber Logan Paul in a now-rescheduled event that has yet to be announced.