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Nik Lentz says his time with UFC is over, cites severe loss of vision from eye poke injury

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Nik Lentz seemed to call time on his Octagon career.

At yesterday’s UFC 257 Nik Lentz lost a hard fought split decision to Movsar Evloev. The fight saw ‘The Carny’ take considerable punishment on the feet, including a badly bloodied right eye.

The day after the bruising contest Lentz took to Instagram to share the news that his time in the UFC has come to an end.

They say don’t make rash decisions after a loss, but this one is not rash or even quick for that matter. The injury I suffered to my eyes last year was a career ender. In total I lost about 40% of my vision, but I wanted to see what one more hard fought battle was like with the new eyes. It was clear to me last night that it’s impossible for me to compete at this level anymore. I just can’t lock on to a moving target like I should, and with 40% of my vision practically gone... it’s chaotic to the least

My life as fighter in the best organization on the planet ends here. I am not sad or upset by it, the day comes for everyone. I stand with my head high, God as my redeemer and my children and wife as my treasure. Fighting gave those treasures and only ask for a little vision as payment. A trade I would make 100% of the time.

Thank you to my fans, my coaches, my family and everyone who has been a part of this process. Who knows what comes next for The Carny.... but I can tell you what it’s not.

Love, The Carny @UFC #UFC257

Lentz cited a serious eye injury as the main reason he can no longer compete in “the best organization on the planet”.

In January 2020 Lentz revealed that he almost lost one of his eyes after suffering a series of eye pokes in a fight with Arnold Allen. The damage to Lentz’s eye required surgery and, according to this latest post, has resulted in 40% vision loss.

In his post Lentz said he wanted to experience a fight with his newly impaired vision (though, he likely wouldn’t tell an athletic commission this). And now it seems Lentz has learned that the impediment is too great to serious compete in the UFC.

It is not known if Lentz’s announcement coincides with a lapsing of his UFC contract or if Lentz plans to continue to compete, 40% vision loss and all, in combat sports outside of the Octagon.

Lentz leaves the UFC with a 14-9-2 (1 NC) record in the promotion (30-12-2 (1 NC) overall), He joined the promotion all the way back in 2009 with a win over Rafaello Oliveira.

The 36-year-old American holds wins over Tyson Griffin, Manvel Gamburyan, Danny Castillo, Will Brooks and Gray Maynard. Lentz also has three fights with top ranked lightweight Charles Oliveira (two losses, one no contest) under his belt.