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Khabib roasts McGregor after UFC 257 loss; Conor responds to ‘disrespectful comments’

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Khabib Nurmagomedov had some post-UFC 257 comments which Conor McGregor didn’t appreciate.

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If two names in combat sports will forever be associated with each other, it would be Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. And with how things ended more than two years ago, it doesn’t look like this rivalry will die down any time soon.

On Saturday night, McGregor had his first taste of a knockout defeat at the hands of Dustin Poirier. Khabib, of course, paid close attention, and he didn’t have very nice post-fight words for “The Notorious.”

Not sure about Khabib’s comment about changing teams, but the latter part of his comment was likely referring to this video of McGregor playfully sparring with his first-born son.

And judging by the post’s tone, it appears to be stated in jest. But when asked about it during the post-fight presser, McGregor took offense.

“My team has been the team since day one, I’ve not changed any team. It is what it is,” McGregor told reporters. “Respect the athletes. And that’s the character of the man, for sure. Behind the mask. What’s he wanna do? Does he wanna come back or no? ‘Cause he’s not throwing no leg kicks.

“If he wants to have his disrespectful comments, come back and let’s go again, my man. I’m here for it. That’s fighting talk. If you’re coming back, come back. You try and do it.”

Throughout the entire fight week, McGregor has been throwing shots at Khabib, accusing the latter of ducking him. He also called on the UFC brass to strip “The Eagle” of the 155-pound title.