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UFC 257 results: Makhmud Muradov gets standing TKO on Andrew Sanchez in round 3

Makhmud Muradov just finished Andrew Sanchez with strikes on the feet on the UFC 257 PPV main card.

The UFC 257 PPV main card continues on in the middleweight division, and Makhmud Muradov just earned a standing TKO on Andrew Sanchez in the third round. The bulk of the fight took place on the feet, but it was the final frame that saw Muradov land a monstrous overhand right that made Sanchez do the stanky leg. Muradov went after his hurt opponent with a flying knee, followed by the fight-ending flurry of punches and knees. You have to appreciate when a fighter seems to have a victory sealed on the scorecards but still goes and gets a late finish anyway. The future looks bright for “Magic” Makhmud Muradov who has won all-three of his short-notice UFC matches.

Muradov was busy right out of the gate, throwing a lot of different techniques at Sanchez. He was looking to fight at range as Sanchez was slowly pressing forward. Muradov started to attack the calf of his opponent, causing some ugly welts to appear. Sanchez was coming over the top with his right hand, trying to counter those low kicks.

Muradov went right back to the calf kick in the second round, but an accidental shot to his cup paused the action. The fight got back underway and Sanchez pressed forward into the clinch. He worked for a takedown but Muradov was able to escape back into the middle of the Octagon. Muradov started to score with his hands, throwing in combinations, but Sanchez was standing his ground.

Muradov came out swinging leather in the final act, taking it right to Sanchez. He settled down a bit, allowing Sanchez to march forward. That’s when Muradov uncorked a massive overhand right that put Sanchez on skates. Muradov jumped on his dazed opponent with a flying knee, and started tagging him with more punches until the referee stepped in. Way to finish late!

Makhmud Muradov def. Andrew Sanchez by TKO at 2:59 of round 3: Middleweight