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Video: Darren Till has expletive-fueled confrontation with police over mask wearing

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The UFC middleweight Till got heated with two local police officers over wearing a mask.

Darren Till before his fight with Robert Whittaker on Fight Island in 2020. Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

UFC middleweight Darren Till got into a heated confrontation with two police officers over wearing a mask, of which he live-streamed on his Instagram account.

Till broadcasted the video on Wednesday evening, showing two police officers confronting him over not wearing a mask whilst inside a local petrol (gas) station.

The United Kingdom is currently in a nationwide lockdown, with those being encouraged to stay and work from home when possible. Face coverings are compulsory in places such as airports, supermarkets and whilst on public transport.

“I don’t give a f—k I spit. I’ve got a problem, a medicinal condition with spitting,” Till said in the video. “Send whatever type of fine you want cause I can afford it.

“Do not touch my vehicle. Go away right this minute. What are you doing mate? Get off my door right now. F—k off. You’re a sad loser, you soft c**t.

Following the incident, Till uploaded another video to an Instagram addressing why he was upset and infuriated by the officer's actions.

“I lost my temper with that officer because he was searching and fishing for something, he followed me to my car and wouldn't let me get in it,” Till continued. “I’ve never really given a proper opinion on COVID and what it is, but I’m not against wearing masks and I’m not for wearing masks.”

Till said the officer fined him £30 ($41) for not wearing a face covering. The Liverpudlian has since changed his name to “Karen Till” on social media following the attention the video received.