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Canadian MMA fighter arrested in the Philippines on suspicion of selling kush

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Gary Espinar was arrested in Quezon City last week.

HortiPharm Prepares For 4th National Clinical Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics Photo by Rod Rolle/Getty Images

According to GMA News Online Gary Espinar, 37, a Canadian pro MMA fighter, has been arrested in the Philippines on drug charges.

Local reports state that Espinar was arrested in Quezon City by the Northern Police District Drug Enforcement Unit. Authorities say Espinar was selling high-grade marijuana aka kush.

Police say that two others arrested on drug charges accused Espinar of supplying them with kush, It is alleged that Espinar was found with eight cans and 10 sachets of kush worth close to $60,000.

According to Daily Guardian Espinar is the head coach of Explosive MMA Academy in Santa Rosa.

Espinar began his pro MMA career in the Western Canada regional scene, taking fights in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. In 2015, after relocating to Malaysia, he fought with the Warrior FC promotion. His most recent fight, in 2018, was in China versus Muay Thai practitioner Vachayan Khamon. His record stands at 5-5.