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Jake Paul announces next fight on April 17, says Dillon Danis is ‘faking a knee injury’

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Jake Paul says he wants to fight a “real fighter” next.

Boxing: Paul vs Robinson Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Paul is set to return on April 17th., 2021, for his third professional boxing fight.

The YouTuber turned boxer announced the news on Wednesday. He will headline a PPV hosted by Snoop Dogg and the people behind the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. event which Paul last fought in.

“Hate me or love me, you can’t stop me,” Paul said on the announcement. “April 17th, I headline a global PPV event and I am getting my third knock-out in a row. I look to prove to the world that I am, and I will remain, one of the biggest names in this sport.”

Paul’s opponent is said to be named on a later date, but he claims he wants a “real fighter” next after “scared” Dillon Danis supposedly faked an injury.

“There’s a bunch of people that we’re trying to lock down as opponents, and I want to fight, like, a real fighter, so that’s what we’ve sort of been working on,” Paul told TMZ (transcript via Bad Left Hook). “But it’s crazy because once you start to, like, actually go into contracts with a lot of these people, such as Dillon Danis, they don’t actually want to sign the contract. They don’t actually want to, like, get down to business. They’re scared.”

While the bout is highly unlikely to happen, Paul also said he’s giving Conor McGregor his “last chance” to accept his $50 million offer.

“Conor, look, this is your last chance, Conor. If it’s not you, that $50 million offer goes away,” Paul said. “That offer’s gonna go away, so this is sort of your last chance. That’s the highest you’ve ever been offered for a fight. Otherwise we’re gonna move on and get a different opponent. Obviously Dillon Danis is faking a knee injury and doesn’t want to fight me. He wants to wait until the summer, but the date is April (17).”

According to the announcement, the PPV will also involve “three major undercards” and “prominent musical acts.”

Paul is currently 2-0 as a pro boxer, with knockout victories over fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, and former NBA player Nate Robinson. It will be interesting to see if he indeed gets a step-up in competition or just faces yet another ‘name opponent’ making their boxing debut.