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UFC Fight Island 8 results: Michael Chiesa outgrapples Neil Magny in decision win

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Michael Chiesa just did his thing against Neil Magny in the UFC FIGHT ISLAND 8 main event.

The UFC FIGHT ISLAND 8 main event is officially over and the company’s #8 ranked 170-pounder, Michael Chiesa, just had a stellar performance against the #9 ranked, Neil Magny. Chiesa looked to close the distance early and often, and that made for some pretty exciting back and forth scrambles. Magny was quite game, but was just a step behind the stellar grappling of Chiesa, who is becoming quite the problem at welterweight. in his post-fight interview, Chiesa stated that the [American] election was over and he wanted Colby Covington next.

The fight got underway and was a bit of a hesitant kickboxing match. Chiesa closed the distance a few times, but Magny wouldn’t stay there for very long. It took about three-minutes before Chiesa was finally able to get Magny to the ground. He threatened with a Kimura, but bailed on it in order maintain control.

Chiesa closed the distance in the seocnd act again, but was unable to solidify top position that time. Magny started hunting for his own takedown, but that resulted in Chiesa ending up on top. A couple of elbows dropped down from the top for Chiesa, along with him locking down control.

It wasn’t long before the fighters clinched up against the fence in the third round. Magny attempted to pull his foe to the floor, but Chiesa wasn’t having it and the fighters returned to open space. Back in the clinch, Chiesa was able to snag a takedown. He was able to pin down Magny until the bell.

A stiff right hand to takedown gave Chiesa top position within the first-minute of the fourth round. As Magny tried to improve his position, Chiesa transitioned to the back and then to the full mount. Somehow Magny stood up but Chiesa was attached. Magny tried to launch knees at his opponent, but couldn’t keep Chiesa off of him. Magny went for an inverted triangle to combat a takedown attempt, but Chiesa remained calm and stayed on top.

Chiesa landed some solid punches ear ly in the final round before grabbing ahold of the body lock. Magny was able to scramble to the back and get a takedown, but Chiesa quickly reversed into top position. He surfed atop magny, maintaining control until the final bell.

Michael Chiesa def. Neil Magny by unanimous decision (49-46 x3) : Welterweight