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UFC Fight Island 8 video highlights: Michael Chiesa beats Neil Magny, calls out Colby Covington

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Check out the full fight video highlights of Neil Magny vs. Michael Chiesa from the UFC FIGHT ISLAND 8 main event.

The UFC FIGHT ISLAND 8 main event saw a ton of fun back and forth scrambles between the promotion’s #9 ranked, Neil Magny, and the #8 ranked, Michael Chiesa. The grappling exchanges were competitive, but Chiesa clearly had the edge. Magny had an inverted triangle locked up at one point, but he just couldn’t stop the takedowns and had spurts where he couldn’t get off of his back. All in all, it was a pretty fun scrap.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of the second-round of Neil Magny Michael Chiesa :

Round 2 - Magny defends an early takedown attempt and they clinch. Shoulder checks from Magny. Chiesa drags him to the mat. Magny looks for a triangle right away but Chiesa passes the legs. Magny is up. He looks for his own takedown but Chiesa floats to top position. He lands a hard elbow and tries to pass to a high mount. Can’t get it though. Hammerfists and shoulder pressure from Chiesa. He postures up and lands a nice elbow. 10-9 Chiesa.

Michael Chiesa def. Neil Magny by unanimous decision (49-46 x3) : Welterweight