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Woman files multimillion-dollar lawsuit against UFC star Conor McGregor

The Irish sports star is set to face Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 this Saturday. But it looks like he’ll be facing an upcoming battle in the courts as well.

UFC 246: McGregor v Cowboy Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Conor McGregor’s legal troubles don’t appear to be entirely behind him. Irish news site reports that two lawsuits have been filed against the UFC superstar, just ahead of his planned main event bout against Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 this upcoming Saturday.

The incident behind the lawsuits reportedly took place in 2018. The larger, multimillion-dollar civil suit is being filed by a woman who claims she has known McGregor for many years. A second, smaller lawsuit claiming personal injuries has been filed by the woman’s mother. The two women are apparently asking that the lawsuits be heard separately.

A representative for McGregor revealed that the initial alleged incident was reportedly the subject of an “exhaustive investigation” by the Irish national police service. However the Independent reports that that investigation did not result in any charges, and is thus being brought forward as a civil case.

Details of the allegations have not been revealed for legal reasons, but McGregor has denied any form of wrongdoing for both of the cases.

“After an exhaustive investigation conducted by the Gardaí which, in addition to interviews of the plaintiff, included interviewing numerous sources, obtaining witnesses’ statements, examining closed circuit footage and the cooperation of Conor McGregor, these allegations were categorically rejected,” McGregor’s spokesperson Karen J. Kessler told reporters.

“The plaintiff knows the facts contradict the assertions in this lawsuit,” Kessler continued. “Mr McGregor will dispute any claims and is confident that justice will prevail.”

McGregor, 32, is no stranger to run-ins with the law. In 2018 he was arrested in New York after throwing a dolly at a bus following a UFC media day. The following year he was fined $1,200 for striking a man in the face at a pub in Dublin, Ireland.

The New York Times reported in March 2019 that McGregor was under investigation by the Irish police after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in a Dublin hotel.