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UFC Fight Island 7 final fight stats: Max Holloway tees off on Calvin Kattar in historic fashion

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Max Holloway dominated Calvin Kattar in Abu Dhabi at UFC Fight Island 7.

Message sent. Message received.

Max Holloway did what he needed to do against Calvin Kattar in the first 10 minutes of the main event fight on Saturday. By the time the second round ended, Kattar’s corner could have thrown in the towel and it wouldn’t have been all that controversial.

Holloway was coming off back-to-back losses to Alexander Volkanovski. In those encounters, Holloway lost his UFC featherweight title and failed to regain that belt in the rematch. The ex-champ entered the Octagon at UFC Fight Island 7 with a chip on his shoulder and promptly set out to prove to any skeptics that he remains a tremendous threat to anyone foolhardy enough to sign up to face him.

By the time the second round came to a close, Holloway had landed 145 significant strikes to Kattar’s 44. Matters only got worse for Kattar after that as Holloway landed 300 additional significant strikes in the final three rounds. Holloway’s 445 significant strikes landed (including 274 to the head) is an all-time record.

As one-sided as the stats were, Kattar never hit the canvas and never gave up.

For his part, Holloway, who held many UFC records before this fight, added to his legacy at UFC Fight Island 7. The Hawaiian fighter does not turn 30 until December. Holloway easily won the contest by unanimous decision.

Here is a look at the numbers from the main event of UFC Fight Island 7, which aired on ABC and took place at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

UFC Fight Island 7: Max Holloway vs. Calvin Kattar final fight ststs

Stats Max Holloway Calvin Kattar
Stats Max Holloway Calvin Kattar
Knockdowns 0 0
Sig. Strikes Landed 445 133
Total Strikes Landed 447 134
Sig. Strike Landing Percentage 59 47
Takedowns Landed 0 0
Submission Attempts 0 0
Sig Strikes Landed Head 274 99
Sig Strikes Landed Body 117 16
Sig Strikes Landed Leg 54 18
Sig Strikes Landed Distance 439 129
Sig Strikes Landed Clinch 6 4
Sig Strikes Landed Ground 0 0
Control Time 0:27 0:05