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Matt Brown slams judges for ‘ridiculous’ scoring of Carlos Condit fight

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Matt Brown wasn’t pleased with how the judges scored his UFC Fight Island 7 co-headliner fight against Carlos Condit.

Co-headlining Saturday’s UFC on ABC 1 event was a welterweight pairing between veterans Carlos Condit and Matt Brown. After a 15-minute battle, “The Natural Born Killer” emerged victorious with a 30-27 tally on all cards.

The dismay was painted all over Brown’s face as Bruce Buffer read out the scores during the winner announcement. It left such a horrible taste in his mouth, that he called out the presiding judges for how they did their job on the fight.

“The Immortal” did have the slight edge in the first round when he controlled Condit for the latter three minutes. Here’s a snippet from our play-by-play where Tim Burke had it 10-9 for Brown.

Brown with a body kick. Condit active right away. Outside leg kick from Condit. Condit checks a low kick. Low kick from Condit. Again. They clinch and Brown gets a bodylock takedown. He’s working in half with Condit’s head against the fence. Brown is bleeding. Back to full guard. Brown apparently scraped his head against the cage wall on the takedown and that’s what caused the cut. Yikes. Brown postures up with some punches. Condit looks for an armbar. Elbow from Brown. Condit stacks up looking for a sub, but Brown defends. Condit looks for a kimura but gets clubbed. Condit hits a switch! Brown on a leg lock. Crazy. 10-9 Brown.

Despite those efforts, all three judges had Condit winning that round. For what it’s worth, Bloody Elbow scored it 29-28 for Condit overall. Every single media member compiled by MMA Decisions also scored it for Condit.

The 40-year-old Brown is now on a two-fight losing streak. During a fight week interview, he broached the idea of possibly retiring and make up for lost time with his family.