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UFC Fight Island 7 results: Max Holloway dominates Calvin Kattar in historically lopsided decision

Max Holloway was in full-form as he dominated Calvin Kattar on the feet for five rounds in the UFC Fight Island 7 main event.

The UFC FIGHT ISLAND 7 main event saw the promotion’s former featherweight champion, Max Holloway, show out against the #6 ranked, Calvin Kattar. From the word go, Holloway unleashed a flood of offense that left Kattar defending more than he was on the offense. Holloway hurt Kattar on several occasions, and never let his foot off of the gas the whole time. Credit to Kattar for taking the beating and continuing to throw back, but Holloway had his way tonight. This was a truly special performance! The 50-43, 50-43, and 50-2 scorecards tied Rich Franklin vs. David Loiseau for the most lopsided five-round decision in UFC history.

Holloway got off to a strong start, throwing his punching in combinations and mixing in leg kicks. Kattar was sitting back trying to read what was in front of him, but Max wasn’t going to wait around. The former champ stayed active and aggressive, going right at his foe. Holloway landed a wicked spinning back kick to the midsection that sent Kattar flying backwards.

Holloway got right back to work in the second round, throwing his multi-punch combos and attacking all levels of the body. Kattar wasn’t throwing a ton of offense, but he was staying rather composed. Then, a big elbow from Holloway rocked Kattar, prompting him to shell up against the cage. Max swarmed, landing another set of elbows that registered. Just before the bell at the end of the round, Holloway went up high with a head kick that wobbled a bloodied Kattar.

Holloway swarmed to start the third act, piecing up his opposition with volume. Kattar landed a couple of stringing uppercuts to gain back a little bit of respect, but Max didn’t let off the gas for very long. The former champ kept throwing his volume, with nowhere near the same sort of output coming back his way.

The fourth round began with more of Max unleashing his volume and not allowing Kattar to set his feet. There was so many strikes coming his way that Kattar has no choice but to defend. Holloway stung his foe again with an elbow on the inside, sending Kattar into survival mode. Despite getting overwhelmed, Kattar managed to return a couple of brutal elbows of his own and managed to survive the round.

The former champ stayed after it in the final round, landing a ton of strikes and keeping Kattar mostly defensive. Holloway screamed out “I’m the best boxer in the UFC!” as he was slipping punches from Kattar. Holloway was in full-form, and took Calvin to school and antagonizing him for the trash talk leading up to the fight.

Max Holloway def. Calvin Kattar by unanimous decision (50-43 x2, 50-42): Featherweight