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UFC Fight Island 7 results: Carlos Condit wins scrappy decision over Matt Brown

Carlos Condit just took all-three scorecards against Matt Brown in the UFC Fight Island 7 co-main event.

The UFC FIGHT ISLAND 7 co-main event saw two UFC veterans in Carlos Condit and Matt Brown battle it out to the scorecards. We got some striking on the feet, but a lot of this fight took place in the grappling realm. The scrambles were back and forth, but it was Condit who was sprinkling in more strikes along the way to go on to take the unanimous decision. This makes two-straight wins for the UFC’s former interim welterweight champion.

Condit came out throwing his classic punch kick combos, but Brown switched things up by scoring a bodylock takedown. Brown was in the full guard of his foe, but he was the one bleeding. The broadcast said that he scraped his face on the cage during the takedown. From his back, Condit landed a couple of elbows and threw up a couple of brief submission attempts. Condit hit a switch to take top position, and the round ended with Brown rolling for a knee.

Brown opened the second act with a clever elbow on the inside. Condit started to build a bit of steam with his boxing, but Brown responded with some nasty knees to the body. Condit then hit a slick tripping takedown to give Brown a turn on his back. It was Condit who was dropping short elbows and scoring points, while Brown struggled to improve his position.

An accidental cup check from Condit brought an immediate pause to the final round. The bout resumed and then both fighters were looking for the takedown. A scramble resulted in Condit taking the back as Brown held on to a single leg. Condit was able to sink his hooks but couldn’t prevent Brown from making it back to his feet. Condit slipped to the ground and Brown jumped on top of him. We got another scramble with Brown coming out on top to finish up the round in top position.

Carlos Condit def. Matt Brown by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Welterweight