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Paul Felder: I would ‘absolutely’ take a fight against ‘legend’ Nate Diaz

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Paul Felder isn’t shying away at the opportunity to fight Nate Diaz.

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UFC president Dana White recently went on record to bare some of the company’s plans for fan-favorite Nate Diaz. He didn’t drop any opponent names, but one thing was made certain: the fight will take place at lightweight.

“We’re working on a Nate Diaz fight right now (at) lightweight and it is not Tony,” White told The Mac Life. “But if we get it done, I think you’re gonna like it. It would put him in a really good position if he won the fight and the guy who he could potentially be fighting, I think it’s a great fight for him too.”

And like how the internet works, speculations came about. One of the rumored opponents for Diaz was Paul Felder, who’d gained a good amount of respect for his short-notice Fight of the Night performance against Rafael dos Anjos in November.

“The Irish Dragon” addressed the rumors during a recent Fight Island media scrum.

“I’ve had so many people tag me and saying, ‘UFC in the works Paul Felder vs. Nate Diaz,’” Felder told reporters.

“When are they gonna call me and tell me about that? You want to talk about getting motivated and excited, I would absolutely love that fight. And like Hooker even said about it, I’ll fight him (at) ’85, 205, doesn’t matter. That’s a fight you take.

“Nate’s a legend at this point. I would love that fight. But no, it’s not me.”

Diaz has not seen action since his “BMF” title fight against Jorge Masvidal in November 2018. He lost via third-round TKO due to a doctor stoppage.