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Video: Pro heavyweight destroys amateurs in 3 vs. 1 MMA fight

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Strength in numbers? Not so much.

Three goofs in Russia recently found out that there’s not always strength in numbers. Not when you decide to take on a pro heavyweight MMA fighter, anyway.

A gym in Russia recently played host to an absurd 3 vs. 1 MMA fight and our friend Jerry Liu has the goods. He uploaded a video of the contest to his YouTube channel Fight Commentary Breakdowns (which is quickly becoming the best repository for circus fights on the internet).

Check out the action below, which goes about as you’d expect:

The pro in this video is Maxim ‘Mad Max’ Novoselov a heavyweight with a 11-2-1 record. Nizhny Novgorod’s Novoselov fought mostly on the Russian regional scene. Despite being 47-years-old he fought twice in 2020, winning both fights by TKO. His record is littered with ‘cans’ with 0-1 records. The most (or only) notable victory he holds is over Jimmy Ambriz, a 17-21-1 vet who has been in there with Josh Barnett, Ricco Rodriguez, and Jeff Monson.

Against three amateurs (which might be a kind term for dudes who have never fought before) Novoselov had no trouble at all.

When the opening bell sounded the three men, who looked as though their combined weight was close to Novoselov’s own heft, paced towards the pro fighter. His response was to drill the closest target with a liver kick. That took care of one guy.

With one man down, Novoselov sized up the other two. He caught one with an uppercut that sent him flying. He then clinched up with the last schmo (who was sporting at least one Nazi tattoo). He attempted a guillotine, but gave it up in favour of letting his massive bulk slam his opponent to the mat. On the ground Novoselov put his victim to sleep with an arm triangle choke.

Don’t challenge pro MMA fighters, guys. No matter how many of you there are.
Fight Commentary Breakdowns / YouTube

Were lessons learned? Probably not. But either way we got to see a guy with a Nazi tattoo get choked out. Score!

Stay tuned. There’s never too long to wait before MMA spawns another absolute shit show.