By the Numbers: Care / Don't Care 6 Year Retrospective

A look back at how the hosts of the Care / Don't Care Podcast (Soundcloud / YouTube) rated the events and fights of UFC in the podcast's 6-year history.

*Update - Overview was mislabelled as 5-year history. Updated to 6-year.

11/11: Cares to fights ratio for the best-rated event in Care / Don't Care history - UFC 200: Tate vs. Nunes. Both Eugene and Nate gave the event a perfect score of 11 cares out of 11 fights for the first and only 100% care score on the podcast.

0/7: Cares to fights ratio for the worst-rated event - UFC on ESPN+ 41: Felder vs dos Anjos with 0 cares of the 7 fights for the first and only event with a 0% care score (When the podcast was recorded the event received 1 care but that fight was later changed due to an injury). The second lowest rated event - The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale: Montaño vs. Modafferi had 0.5 cares for 8 fights (6%).

2: UFC Fight Night 101: Whittaker vs. Brunson & UFC on ESPN+ 11: Gustafsson vs. Smith are the only 2 events the Care / Don't Care Podcast did not care to cover.

145 & 135: Women's Featherweight is the best-ranked weight class with an 87% care score but only has 11.3 cares for 13 fights. The next best-rated weight class is Women's Bantamweight with a care score of 56% (60.3 cares out of 107 fights).

135: The worst-ranked weight class is Men's Bantamweight with a care score of 40% (114.5 cares out of 288 fights). Though considered to be one of the deepest divisions, the best the Men's Bantamweight has done in Care / Don't Care history is 8th in 2017 with 41%.

265: Often touted as the worst weight division, Men's Heavyweight comes in 3rd overall with 52% (114.9 cares out of 223 fights). There is only one year, 2020, that this division placed last for care percentage with 35% care score (15.3 cares out of 44 fights).

457: Fights covered in the Men's Welterweight division, the most active weight class for the podcast. This accounts for 16% of the total 2788 fights covered on the Care / Don't Care Podcast.

51%: Nate and Stephie sit tied for first (for main hosts) with 51% care score after 5 years of Care / Don't Care. Nate has covered 129 events with 764 cares out of 1512 fights and Stephie has covered 82 events with 468 cares out of 909 fights. Nate has not appeared on the podcast since UFC Fight Night 138: Volkan vs. Smith in October of 2018. Stephie first appeared on Care / Don't Care in December 2018 for UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2.

44%: John sits at the bottom of the care rankings with 44%. John has covered 92 events with 452 cares out of 1025 fights. Despite being ranked last in care percentage John has never finished last in care percentage in any year. Eugene ranked last 4 out of the 5 years with Nate the only one caring less than Eugene in any year (2015).

234: Events covered by Eugene, the most of any host. He has covered all but 9 of the events the UFC put on between 2015 and 2020. Eugene also holds the records for most fights covered - 2699, most cares - 1241 and most don't cares - 1458.

78: The 3 special guest hosts - Victor, Dallas, and Eddie - combine for 78 cares out of 113 combined fights covered. These 3 sit 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the care rankings.

522.1: Cares out of the 855 fights (61%) on the 74 Pay Per View UFC events covered by the Care / Don't Care Podcast. PPV care levels have been a steady decline every year, starting at 71% in 2015.

42%: Care level for Fight Nights, landing 19 points below PPVs with only 818 cares out of 1935 fights covered. Fight Nights account for 167 of the 241 events (69%) covered by the podcast over the last 5 years.

10%: Decline in care level over 5 years of the Care / Don't Care Podcast. At 58% (272.0 cares out of 467 fights) at the end of 2015, the overall average care level is now at 48% (1340.1 cares out of 2790 fights).

2018: Is the least cared for year with only 190 cares out of the 467 fights covered that year (41%). Of the 154 Pay Per View fights that year there were only 79.5 cares (52%) and Fight Nights were also at their lowest point with 110.5 cares out of 313 fights (35%).

2015: The first full year of Care / Don't Care Podcast is still the podcast's high point for cares. The overall care percentage was 58%, Pay Per Views had 106 cares out of 151 fights (71%), and the 28 Fight Nights had 166 cares out of 316 fights (52%). is an unofficial database of the Care / Don't Care Podcast.

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