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Tyron Woodley willing to take point deduction to land low blow on Colby Covington

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Tyron Woodley is completely OK with taking point deductions just to land a low blow on Colby Covington.

There’s been a lot of trash talk thrown around between Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington over the last few years. All that bickering will finally end on September 19th, when the two welterweights face each other right before the UFC heads back to Fight Island for UFC 253.

Like he’s done in the past, Woodley promises bring back his vintage self. He is even willing to break the rules a little bit as a special treat for “Chaos.”

The former welterweight champion spoke all about it in a recent Instagram live session.

I agree with you. I will let my hands go. And you fans who are telling me, ‘Let your hands go! Let your hands go!’ I need to let ‘em go. I agree with you. And you have that, you’ve got my word. I’mma let these hands go.

I’mma let them go upside his head, body. I might even punch him in the sack for the warning. Bow! I’ll take the warning or even the point deduction.

According to the Unified Rules of MMA, fouls such as groin strikes merit a point deduction, depending on the referee’s discretion. Repeated actions may result in a disqualification, but in practice, referees have been generally lenient in penalizing fouls.

Woodley is currently on a two-fight skid. He last saw action in May, when he was dominated by Gilbert Burns en route to a unanimous decision loss. Covington is also coming off a loss and a bonus broken jaw, all thanks to Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 last December.