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UFC odds: Who will Nick Diaz fight first when he returns?

Check out who the betting favorites are to welcome Nick Diaz back into the UFC.

Despite not stepping into the Octagon in over five years, the news that Nick Diaz wants to return to the UFC in 2021 got a lot of people talking. The enigmatic Stockton native has a large fanbase, and he’s clearly still a draw considering how many fighters came out of the woodwork to try to get the fight.

It also led to oddsmakers jumping all over some futures lines on the return. (by way of MMAMania) decided to release odds on who was most likely to fight Diaz first upon his supposed comeback. Unsurprisingly, the top two men on the list have been names that have been prominent since the minute Diaz’s manager made his client’s intentions clear:

Jorge Masvidal +300

Robbie Lawler +350

Conor McGregor +400

Carlos Condit +450

Mike Perry +700

Darren Till +800

Anderson Silva +900

Of all the men on this list, I personally think Perry is the least likely. He doesn’t have the name value the other men there do. In addition, Till isn’t likely to make welterweight for a bout with Diaz, and I highly doubt Nick wants to fight at 185 again. And isn’t Anderson Silva apparently retiring?

Any of the top four work for me though!