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UFC 253 results: Ketlen Vieira out-points Sijara Eubanks in decision win

Ketlen Vieira just won a unanimous decision over Sijara Eubanks on the UFC 253 PPV main card.

The UFC 253 main card is in progress, and the promotion’s #7 ranked, Ketlen Vieira, and the #13 ranked, Sijara Eubanks, just went the distance. This was predominantly a competitive yet slow-paced boxing match, with a little bit of grappling sprinkled in. There weren’t many wow-moments, but Vieira did enough to earn the unanimous decision. The win put Vieira back in the win column after suffering the first loss of her career this past December.

Vieira clinched up right away to get things going, and then the fighters jockeyed for position against the cage for a bit. In open space, both fighters were scoring, but Vieira seemed to pack more of a punch . Eubanks did a great job of stuffing the takedown attempts of Vieira, although she did give up one at the very end of the round.

Vieira got herself a takedown within the first-minute of the second round. She ate up a lot of clock without really inflicting much damage. Eubanks remained safe, but wasn’t doing anything offensive either. The referee stood up the fighters where an uneventful slow-paced boxing match took place.

Eubanks showed up in the last round with a sense of urgency. She was coming forward behind her punches, looking to do damage. A couple of big solo strikes landed flush for Eubanks, but Vieira stood right in front of her and pumped her jab. Vieira went for a late kneebar attempt, but ate a few punches for her troubles just before the bell.

Ketlen Vieira def. Sijara Eubanks by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): (W) Bantamweight